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Home Improvement Tools

Everyone is trying to cut costs these days. Many are being extra careful with their budget and trying to save more money where they can. When it comes to those simple home improvements, people are learning to take matters into their own hands rather than hiring out the repair to contractors. For these projects, a few basic home improvement tools are necessary. Those who are beginning to take interest in fixing up their home on their own will need to purchase a few of these tools to properly complete the jobs. With the proper home improvement tools, you can fix just about anything in your home.

Here is a simple list of a few tools that you may want to have on hand to help you complete any job. Most of them are fairly inexpensive, and you will find yourself using them multiple times.

The Hammer: This is very well known tool that most households will already have handy. However, for those who don’t have it, know that this is one of the most used tools of all. Those who simply want to hang a picture on the wall will need this on hand.

The screwdriver: A good basic set of screwdrivers in various sizes is a must have for any home. It is also a good idea to invest in a corded electric drill for the tasks that need just a little more oomph.

The tape measure: the standard tape measure is sixteen feet long. Get a good quality metal one as you will find this useful for years. Make sure that it locks as well.

A pry bar: A twelve or fifteen inch pry bar would do the trick for most around the house jobs. Some recommend avoiding those which are made from spring steel, as these are prone to bouncing around when they are hit with a hammer.

A good pair of pliers: These are handy for a variety of home projects and fairly inexpensive. Get a pair with a wire cutting blade.

A utility knife: These are small and inexpensive, but they can keep you from ruining your kitchen knives or scissors when you need to cut something for a home improvement project.

A level: The simplest project can be made difficult without this small tool. You cannot even hang a picture straight without one. Experts recommend choosing some small torpedo levels and avoiding the laser versions that are on the market.

A handsaw: When you need to cut something perfectly straight, this is the tool to have on hand. It is lightweight, inexpensive, quick, and easy to use.

Safety glasses: Making sure that you are protected during any home project is of prime importance. Do not cut, pry, drill, or do basically anything without wearing a quality pair of protective eyewear such as this.

Having the proper equipment and tools on hand can really make a job much easier. Make sure you have a good quality tool box in which to store all these items so that they will be easy to find and properly cared for when you need them.